Ancient Ramblings, ca. 2011


If you SIMPLY CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF SONJA FIELD, feel free to visit my dusty old blog.

I created it during my early days in San Francisco. It features some random cafés, a lunch recipe or two, but most importantly, tales from a truly amazing (read: hilarious and absurd) Alaskan cruise I took with my mom.

There were a few takeaways from that trip. Firstly, going on a cruise is a deeply weird experience, and there’s nothing that quite resembles it. Secondly, it is the worst.

However! I am still able to recite all 5 types of Alaskan salmon using the nifty memory device I learned on that trip:


Bam. Thank you, tourist board of Alaska, for hiring disaffected college students from all over the country to man your cruise-stops every summer, and then teaching all of them the same 5 facts to repeat to us over and over again.

Here are my highly limited impressions of Ketchikan, if you wanna skip all the sandwiches I wrote about and get straight to the good stuff.

Cruising to Alaska