“Unleashed,” by Emily Kimelman

Unleashed by Emily Kimelman

Unleashed by Emily Kimelman

I recently won a contest to narrate the Sydney Rye mystery series, written by Emily Kimelman. I wrote a guest post for her blog, to introduce myself to her fans. I wrote a bit about what it’s like to record audiobooks from home, in my closet studio.  Check it out:

….time flows by, and before I know it, I’ve been sitting in my closet for seven hours, not having interacted with another human soul, until I finally emerge and remember what the rest of the world looks like. I’m sure others who work from home will be able to relate to the awkward re-adjustment period when you climb out of your work-tomb and attempt to interact with other people. “Greetings, co-human. I would like to hand you currency in exchange for several slices of turkey and leafy greens held together between two slices of yeasted baked dough. How much monies shall I place in your man-paw?”

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