Royal Central School of Speech & Drama


I’m very excited to share that this October, I’ll be starting an MFA in Voice Studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Here’s hoping I return to the U.S. with in-depth knowledge about vocal pedagogy, and a pseudo-British accent like Madonna. Cheers.



Today I started rehearsals for a production of “Swell” at The Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival in Brooklyn.

Swell has been adapted from a graphic novel by artist Juliacks, and tells the story of a girl dealing with the loss of her sister. I’m especially excited because I get to work with Kathleen Amshoff, a friend and director who I worked with back in college, when she directed me as Mrs. Alving in a production of “Ghosts.”

We’ll be performing at The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Ave. Come check us out:

  • Thurs. June 12th, 7pm
  • Fri. June 13th, 8:30pm
  • Sat. June 14th, 10pm
  • Sun. June 15th, 3pm


“Unleashed,” by Emily Kimelman

Unleashed by Emily Kimelman

Unleashed by Emily Kimelman

I recently won a contest to narrate the Sydney Rye mystery series, written by Emily Kimelman. I wrote a guest post for her blog, to introduce myself to her fans. I wrote a bit about what it’s like to record audiobooks from home, in my closet studio.  Check it out:

….time flows by, and before I know it, I’ve been sitting in my closet for seven hours, not having interacted with another human soul, until I finally emerge and remember what the rest of the world looks like. I’m sure others who work from home will be able to relate to the awkward re-adjustment period when you climb out of your work-tomb and attempt to interact with other people. “Greetings, co-human. I would like to hand you currency in exchange for several slices of turkey and leafy greens held together between two slices of yeasted baked dough. How much monies shall I place in your man-paw?”

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Hurry Up and Wait Podcast


I recently made an appearance on Episode #112 of my excellent friends’ excellent podcast, hurryupandwait.

hurryupandwait logoWe chatted about what it felt like when I bombed our senior showcase (spoiler alert…not great), doing regional theater in different cities, what happens when you decide to leave the business, and what happens when you decide to come back.

Hosted by Ethan Saks and KC Wright, Hurry Up and Wait is a podcast for “actors who are in it for the long haul.” I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in what it’s like to be an actor. Their NPR-worthy, This American Life-esque Showcase episode is an especially fascinating listen.


Ancient Ramblings, ca. 2011


If you SIMPLY CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF SONJA FIELD, feel free to visit my dusty old blog.

I created it during my early days in San Francisco. It features some random cafés, a lunch recipe or two, but most importantly, tales from a truly amazing (read: hilarious and absurd) Alaskan cruise I took with my mom.

There were a few takeaways from that trip. Firstly, going on a cruise is a deeply weird experience, and there’s nothing that quite resembles it. Secondly, it is the worst.

However! I am still able to recite all 5 types of Alaskan salmon using the nifty memory device I learned on that trip:


Bam. Thank you, tourist board of Alaska, for hiring disaffected college students from all over the country to man your cruise-stops every summer, and then teaching all of them the same 5 facts to repeat to us over and over again.

Here are my highly limited impressions of Ketchikan, if you wanna skip all the sandwiches I wrote about and get straight to the good stuff.

Cruising to Alaska